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We are now presenting our Turkish customers our dressing&wedding organisation works that we had started as environment design and textile decoration in Dubai and the Emirates.  
We can put our signature under “firsts” every time by our professional design team that can reflect your imagination to real environments. If you are dreaming of getting married in Taj Mahal, we bring Taj Mahal to you; by using our decor and materials, we turn your atmosphere into the environment you imagine.

We first determine the concept of your Party or Association by also reflecting on your taste and background. We bring the world trends to you. We plan, prepare and apply the visual design in the concept that you imagine. In our organizations, after the environment concept is set we prepare each detail for you from the music that will be listened to the clothing selection of all our attendants and crew, from the selection of food and beverages to the wedding gown, wedding car and also the honeymoon.

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